Norway 75 - Commando Spirit

Armadillo Merino® is proud to support the Norway 75 - Commando Spirit expedition. In June 2018, a team of 8, which include serving and former Royal Marines, will traverse the length of Norway by sea and land, retelling heroic stories of WWII combined Commando raids in unique and captivating ways, and commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the infamous Telemark raids.

In retelling these somewhat, untold stories, they also want to highlight the current stories of those veterans suffering from various mental health issues and how your donations can help the Royal Marines Charity to active this.

How is Armadillo Merino supporting the expedition?

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The Route

Beginning in the far North and finishing in the village of Rjukan in the Hardangervidda National Park, the self sufficient N75 team will embark on a challenging 3200 kilometre journey by sea and by land - Per Mare Per Terram. Operating out of their mobile Land Rover base camp, they will be cycling up to 200 kilometres a day and completing remote, overnight sea kayak stages; the estimated completion time being 46 days. Throughout, the team will retell the history of a number of heroic WWII combined Commando raids in unique and captivating ways; not least commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the ‘Heroes of Telemark’.

What were the raids?

The Telemark raids, formally known as Operation Grouse and Operation Gunnerside, were the Allied efforts to prevent the Nazis from acquiring heavy water (deuterium oxide) at one of their key Norwegian installations – the Vemork Hydroelectric Plant situated to the South of the Hardanga Plateau. Success in attaining heavy water would have allowed the Nazis to produce a nuclear capability and ultimately change the fate of the war should they have been able to weaponize it.

Whilst Operation Grouse was a failed attempt in late 1942, in February 1943 Operation Gunnerside saw success in sabotaging the plant, putting the German nuclear scientists months behind, and bringing the Allied forces one step closer to winning the war.


Operation Claymore was the code name for a combined #Commando raid on the #Lofoten Islands in #Norway during the Second World War. Photo from: @imperialwarmuseums.

The Team


Tim – Royal Marines and Team Leader
James – Former Royal Marine
Lucy – Royal Marines Band Service
Ric – Royal Marines
Rodge – Royal Marines Mountain Leader
Pip – Adventurer and journalist
Rich – Royal Marines
John – Royal Marines

More about the Royal Marines Charity

The Royal Marines Charity's mission is to provide the best possible through life charitable support for Royal Marines, their families, veterans and cadets. Our vision is Royal Marines and their families supported through life. We ensure no one is left behind.

Learn more at

JustGiving - Norway 75

How can you support the Expedition?

Visit the Norway75-Commando Spirit JustGiving page, or purchase Armadillo Merino and use "Norway 75-15" discount code at checkout. Get a 15% discount and we will also donate 15% of the net purchase to the JustGiving Campaign.

Where can people find out more and follow the expedition?


Twitter: @norway_75

Instagram: @norway75

Shop and support the Norway-75 Commando Spirit Expedition


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